July 02, 2021

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More and more breast cancer patients are concerned about the most important question: Can breast cancer be cured?

The treatment of breast cancer is divided into local treatment and systemic treatment.


Breast cancer is a systemic disease with local clinical manifestations, and it can also be said that - although breast cancer is mainly a local breast lesion, it begins to have the tendency to spread throughout the body in the early stage. Therefore, the treatment of breast cancer is a comprehensive treatment, which includes local and systemic treatment.


Local treatment includes surgery and radiation therapy, the results of both treatments can only control tumors within the scope of surgery and radiation exposure, and their treatment features are obvious effects and can rapidly control a large number of dense tumor lesions, such as surgery can quickly remove tumor lesions and reduce the total number of tumor cells in the body; while systemic treatment includes chemotherapy, endocrine therapy, targeted therapy, etc., which features drugs in the blood It can control potential tumor metastases in all parts of the body, and the treatment effect is obvious only when the tumor density is low. Breast cancer treatment is to rapidly reduce the number of tumor cells in the area where the lesion is located through local treatment, and at the same time reduce the tumor load of the whole body, and then kill the potential tiny metastases with systemic treatment.

Can breast cancer be cured? The answer is uncertain, because each patient has too many unstable factors in itself and requires thorough and exhaustive diagnosis of the patient before treatment.

Principles of dietary therapy for breast cancer

The following are several dietary methods that are more suitable for breast cancer patients.


1. Adequate nutrition: Breast cancer patients should eat more protein, sugar and high cholesterol food during chemotherapy, especially pay attention to protein intake, eat more lean pork, beef, chicken, fish, etc. Do not eat fried food, eat less pickled food, and prohibit the consumption of more stimulating condiments.

Watermelon, kiwi, apricot, apple, pear, strawberry and other fresh fruits have good anti-tumor effect. During chemotherapy, jujube not only has anti-tumor effect, but also can effectively inhibit the production of white blood cells and reduce the decrease of platelets, so you can eat more jujube during chemotherapy for breast cancer patients.

3、Eating foods rich in anti-cancer ingredients: Research shows that the following foods have certain preventive and therapeutic effects on breast cancer patients. ① Containing indole-3-methanol, an anti-cancer substance, cabbage, cabbage and kale can stop human carcinogens from inducing tumor cells and inhibit tumor growth; ② Garlic and onion contain allicin, which can block the synthesis of nitrosamines, and also contain vitamin C and vitamin A, which can play an anti-cancer role.

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